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Swine Innovation Porc is a non-profit corporation committed to facilitating research in the Canadian swine sector. Our main objective is to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the pork industry by supporting the development of the most innovative technologies that will benefit the pork value chain.

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Swine Innovation Porc launches call for project ideas
Posted September 2018
Researchers are invited to submit their ideas by October 17, 2018.
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Hog industry applauds new investment in research
Posted June 26, 2018
Over the next 5 years, $18.5 million dollars will be invested by the federal government and industry partners in research to further the development of the Canadian pork industry. 
Click here to read the joint press release from Swine Innovation Porc and the Canadian Pork Council.

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Source: Canadian Center for Swine Improvement
Source: Sherbrooke Research & Development Centre
Source: University of Manitoba
Source: University of Saskatchewan
Source: Sherbrooke Research & Development Centre
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