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In today's dynamic pork industry, research partnerships and innovation drive transformative progress.


SIP research investments are a catalyst for sustainable growth and resiliency, building a brighter future for Canadian pork. Discover how collaboration across the value chain unlocks a wealth of knowledge and expertise, enabling positive outcomes for pork producers and society.



Sustainably raised pork builds a better future, from farm to fork.

Research plays a central role in the pork industry's sustainability story. Through dedicated research and the application of advanced technology, we are driving significant sustainable improvements. From precision nutrition and waste management to innovative genetics and disease prevention strategies, Swine Innovation Porc's initiatives enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and promote animal welfare.
Through sustainability benchmarking, we are also harnessing the data needed to support decision-making, measure progress and communicate pork industry's advancements.
We are empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools to navigate future challenges while supporting a prosperous and sustainable future for Canadian pork.


With a commitment to sustainable growth, we are shaping a brighter future for pork farmers and the industry as a whole.

When the Going Gets Tough, Science Helps Pigs Get Growing

A Golden Chance to Green the Planet

When the Going Gets Tough, Science Helps Pigs Get Growing

Advancing Sustainability



Cutting-edge practices fortify the pork industry's position and success.

Pork farmers and the broader industry face dynamic and complex challenges such as market volatility, evolving regulatory demands, disease pressures and more. Through strategic approaches and innovation, we are navigating and overcoming these obstacles, fostering a resilient and thriving pork sector.

Robust biosecurity systems, genetic advancements, and precision management practices empower farmers to mitigate risks, adapt to changing market demands, and enhance operational efficiency. By embracing research and technology, we are equipping the value chain with the tools and knowledge to navigate challenges, ensuring a resilient and thriving industry that can withstand uncertainties while delivering high-quality products to meet the needs of consumers.


Resiliency is vital in today's dynamic business environment, enabling farmers and processors to adapt to market changes, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities.

Science Steps In to Keep Toxin Out

In Robustness We Trust: Science Boosts Pig Performance

Gut Check: A New Approach to Weanling Gut Health




Innovation drives productivity, and economic viability across the pork value chain.

By channeling resources into research and technology, we unlock opportunities for economic expansion. Innovations in genetics, feed efficiency, and production techniques enhance productivity, competitiveness and profitability. Additionally, advancements in processing, product development, and quality drive market growth and diversification.

Through focused research, we empower pork farmers with the knowledge and tools to navigate challenges, seize new opportunities, and contribute to a thriving and prosperous industry that delivers economic benefits to farmers, supports rural communities, and meets the demands of a dynamic market.


The pork industry generates positive spin-offs throughout the value chain, supporting food security, job creation, rural development, and contributing to the well-being of Canadians.

When the Going Gets Tough, Science Helps Pigs Get Growing

It’s High Time to Lower Feed Costs

A Proactive Approach to Antibiotics

Canadian Pork

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