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The following page lists technology projects supported by Swine Innovation Porc since 2010. Click on the fact sheets below to learn more about each project. 

Enhancing Robustness in Pig Using Advanced Genomics and Machine Learning

Younes Miar, Dalhousie University

Status: Ongoing. Results expected in 2018.

Coming Soon

Use of novel technologies to optimize pig performance, welfare and carcass value 

Brian Sullivan, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement

Status: Completed in 2018.

A pilot study to establish a gene panel for the identification of low-stress pigs

Ray Lu, University of Guelph

Status: Completed in 2018. 

Evaluation and development of standards for swine production systems

Lee Whittington and Bernardo Predicala, Prairie Swine Centre

Status: Completed in 2013. 

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