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The following page presents pork quality projects supported by Swine Innovation Porc since 2010. Click on the fact sheets below to learn more about each project. 

Classifying Canadian pork based on quality attributes 

Manuel Juarez, AAFC Lacombe

Status: Ongoing. Results are expected in 2023.

Objective methods for the evaluation of marbling and other meat quality traits

Laurence Maignel, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement

Status: Completed in 2018. 

Increasing Canadian pork consumption, market share and competitiveness through enhanced nutritional values and overall quality with a functional molecule in pork meat

Claude Gariepy, AAFC St-Hyacinthe

Status: Completed in 2018. 

Development of new genomic tools to improve meat quality traits and production efficiency in pigs

Brian Sullivan and Mohsen Jafarikia, Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement

Status: Completed in 2013. 

Capturing genetic merit in differentiated pork production systems through genomics

George Foxcroft, University of Alberta

Status: Completed in 2013. 

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