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Government of Canada and industry investments in swine research will help drive competitiveness and sustainable growth in the Canadian pork sector
News Release - February 20, 2024
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Sherbrooke, QC— Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) welcomed today’s investment of over $10.6 million by the Government of Canada in Swine Cluster 4, a strategic research program driving innovation in the Canadian pork sector until 2028. This initiative is made possible with support from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership – AgriScience Program, in collaboration with leading industry partners.


“With this funding, we’re making sure our pork producers have the tools they need to continue to be leaders in the agriculture sector,” said the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. “This will create opportunities for innovation so we can meet the growing global demand for our world-renowned Canadian pork.”


Over the next five years, Swine Cluster 4 will invest up to $20.1 million in combined industry-government funding, focused on fostering continued sustainability, resiliency, and growth in the Canadian pork sector. This collaborative initiative brings together 50 researchers from 13 institutions, across 18 research and knowledge transfer activities.

“Through this substantial investment, SIP and our partners can spearhead the research needed to deliver science-based solutions for the benefit of Canadian pork producers, processors, and exporters,” stated Arno Schober, Chair of SIP and an Ontario pork producer. “With industry, government, and academia united around shared priorities, we’re driving targeted research to help move our sector forward.”


Research priorities for Swine Cluster 4 were established in consultation with stakeholders across the Canadian pork sector. Research priorities include climate change and the environment, sector resilience, economic growth, and communications and knowledge transfer. By advancing knowledge and innovation across these priority areas, researchers aim to unlock solutions that will enhance the Canadian pork sector’s competitiveness and sustainable growth.


Research activities will investigate opportunities ranging from new vaccines and antimicrobial alternatives to sustainable management practices, productivity-enhancing feed strategies, enhanced genetics, improved meat quality, and much more. In addition to research, knowledge transfer will also facilitate information sharing and the adoption of technology, solidifying Canada's position at the leading edge of the global pork sector.


“Innovation that boosts productivity, reduces risks, and enhances the Canadian brand ultimately benefits the full pork value chain, shared René Roy, SIP Vice Chair and Quebec pork producer. “As we embark on Swine Cluster 4, we extend our gratitude to the researchers and the research community for their efforts in the development of this initiative and the pursuit of innovation.”


The Swine Cluster is also a driver for capacity building, supporting the training and knowledge base needed for the long-term advancement of pork sector priorities.


“As a science-based industry, we recognize the importance of research investment,” concluded Schober. “Over the next 5 years, SIP looks forward to strengthening the Cluster’s foundational impact by mobilizing the coordination of research together with our partners across the sector.”


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