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New Report Highlights Swine Cluster Research Impacts
News Release - December 19, 2022
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Quebec, QC – Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) has published a new report highlighting the impact of Swine Cluster research as a driver for growth in the Canadian pork sector and the broader economy.

"As a science-based industry, the role of research and innovation is at the heart of Canada's global leadership position in pork production," said Daniel Ramage, General Manager of SIP. "The significant impacts of past Swine Cluster research clearly show that investments in pork innovation are an engine for growth and economic development across the country."

The report finds that investments by industry and government in Swine Cluster research valued at $30 million between 2010 and 2018, are leading to a 3.5% productivity increase for Canadian pork producers. "This significant productivity boost has a direct impact on the bottom line of producers and processors across the value chain by helping to sustain the sector's efficiency and competitiveness."

The economic benefits of Swine Cluster research extend far beyond pork producers and processors, with sizeable impacts across the entire Canadian economy. Businesses, households and governments are all better off, as a more productive swine sector supports higher incomes, jobs and investment. Ultimately, for each dollar spent on Swine Cluster research, an additional new dollar is added to Canadian GDP, reflecting strong contributions to economic growth.

"It's a win-win for government and industry when we work together to enhance research investments that benefit pork producers, processors and all Canadians. By enhancing support for innovation in the pork sector through the upcoming Swine Cluster and other programs, Canada can ensure that the pork sector remains a key driver of economic growth and development in the years to come."

The Swine Cluster is a collaborative research program, managed by SIP in partnership with the Canadian pork industry and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. This partnership enables innovation that unlocks progress around core pork sector priorities like production efficiency, animal health and welfare, food safety, product quality and sustainability.


Founded in 2010, SIP is the national organization responsible for providing leadership in research, development and knowledge transfer to enhance the growth and competitiveness of the Canadian pork sector.

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