Swine Cluster 1 Research Program
Canadian Swine Research and Development Cluster, 2010-2013

This program consists of 14 research projects focused on reducing the cost of production, product differentiation and also includes three technology transfer initiatives.

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A: Increasing Canadian pork industry competitiveness

A.1: Novel swine feeding programs to enhance competitiveness and pork differentiation. The Canadian feed & pork value chain (R. Zijlstra et al.) 

 Novel nutritional strategies for optimum sow and piglet productivity (M. Lessard et al.) 

A.3: Efficacy of feed additives to mitigate the negative impacts of mycotoxin contaminated feed on performance and health of piglets (F. Guay et al.) 

A.4: Mycotoxins contents evaluations of corn hybrids adapted to Québec growth conditions (G. Tremblay et al.) 

A.5: Capturing genetic merit in differentiated pork production systems through genomics (G. Foxcroft et al.) 

A.6: Development of new genomic tools to improve meat quality traits and production efficiency in pigs (B. Sullivan et al.) 

A.7: Evaluation and development of standards for swine production systems (L. Whittington et al.) 

A.8: Sow housing: risk factors and assessment techniques for lameness, productivity and longevity in group and individually housed gestating sows (L. Connor et al.) 

A.9: A study of the efficiency of water sprinkling in the truck after loading and prior to unloading at two different environmental temperatures on core body temperature and carcass and meat quality in pigs (L. Faucitano et al.) 

A.10: Development of an innovative precision farming system for swine (C. Pomar et al.) 

B: Increasing Canadian pork industry differentiation

B.11: A comparison of three animal welfare assessment programs on Canadian swine farms (T. Widowski et al.) 

B.12: Use of non-penetrating captive bolt for euthanasia of neonate, suckling and weaned piglets up to 9 kg (T. Widowski et al.) 

B.13: Development of an innovative air cleaning system for swine buildings (S. Lemay et al.) 


B.14: The use of tools related to molecular characterization, systemic analysis of stakeholders and geomatics for identification of the principal vectors and contamination sources by bacteria and viral indicators at farm and slaughterhouse level (A. Letellier et al.) 

C: Implementation of technology transfer strategies

C.15: Annual technical seminar and mycotoxin forum 

Please click here to go to the forum's website. Scroll down the page to find links to videos and documents related to the presentations.

C.16: Development of a Canadian Swine Research and Development (CSRDC) website

C.17: Knowledge and technology transfer activities



AAFC: Agriculture Agri-Food Canada 

CCSI: Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc. 

CCP: Canadian Porc Council

CDPQCentre de développement du porc du Québec inc. 

CÉROM: Centre de recherche sur les grains inc. 

CFIA: Canadian Food Inspection Agency 

CRIQ: Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec    

FPPQ: Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec  

INRA: Institut national de la recherche agronomique 

IRDA: Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement 

OMAFRAOntario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs 

PAMI: Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute 

PIC –North America: Pig Improvement Company

SIP: Swine Innovation Porc  

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