Welcome to Swine Innovation Porc 

Swine Innovation Porc is a not-for-profit corporation committed to facilitating research in the Canadian swine sector. Its main objective is to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the pork industry by supporting the development of the most innovative technologies that will benefit the pork value chain.

Our Main Activities 

 Swine Cluster 1 Research Program, 2010-2013

  - 14 research projects including nutrition, genomics, animal welfare, health and mycotoxins

  - 23 lead researchers from 13 research centres, plus a large number of collaborators

  - 12 million dollars invested in research, made possible by AAFC, provincial swine producer associations and     22 industry partners.

Swine Cluster 2 Research Program, 2013-2018

Consists of three primary themes:

- Reducing production and feed input costs

- Increasing product attributes and prices

- Enhancing adaptability and sustainability of the swine sector

This program includes 18 research projects between 27 lead researchers from 13 universities and research centres. 

Lead User Project, 2012-2013

The objective of this project was to bring the results of research developed in Swine Cluster 1 to the end users: the pork producers of Canada. The project concentrated on four areas of research:

- Developing novel feeding technologies

- Assessing sow lameness, longevity and temperament

- Water sprinkling during transport

- Non penetrating captive bolt for Euthanasia 

Swine Innovation Porc is a corporation of the Canadian Pork Council