Swine Cluster 2 Research Program
Driving Results through Innovation, 2

Swine Cluster 2 is focused on achieving the following three themes:

1. Reducing production and feed input costs  

2. Increasing product attributes and prices

3. Enhancing adaptability and sustainability of the swine sector 

This program includes 18 major research projects, which are also comprised of multiple sub-projects. It involves 27 researchers from 13 universities and research centres across Canada, in addition to a large number of collaborators. You will find below links to each of the individual projects within Swine Cluster 2:


Denise Beaulieu,  Vahab Farzan, Robert Friendship, Frédéric Guay, Kees de Lange, Julang Li, Niel Karrow, J. Jacques Matte, Martin Nyachoti, Jim Squires, Andrew Van Kessel, Ruurd Zijlstra (et al.)

Denise Beaulieu and Chantal Farmer (et al.)

Denise Beaulieu, Eduardo Beltranena, François Dubeau,  Vahab Farzan, Robert Friendship, Frédéric Guay, Kees de Lange, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy, Julang Li, Ira Mandell, Martin Nyachoti, Candido Pomar, James Squires, Ruurd Zijlstra (et al.)

Chantal Farmer (et al.) 


 Animal Welfare

Jennifer Brown (et al.)
Jennifer Brown (et al.)

Laurie Connor 
(et al.)
Luigi Faucitano (et al.)

 Animal Health

Sylvie D'Allaire (et al.)

Joseph E. Rubin 
(et al.)

Graham Plastow (et al.)

Caroline Duchaine 
(et al.)

Zvonimir Poljak 
(et al.)

Yohanes Berhane 
(et al.)

 Terry Fonstad (et al.)



Brian Sullivan (et al.)
Pork Quality
Claude Gariépy and Brian Sullivan (et al.)

 Laurence Maignel (et al.)


Financial Partners

The Swine Cluster 2 research program has been made possible through funding from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, provincial swine producer associations and through industry partnerships, for a total budget of $17.2 million.

Swine Innovation Porc is a corporation of the Canadian Pork Council