Swine Cluster 1 Research Program
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Novel swine feeding programs to enhance competitiveness and pork differentiation: the Canadian feed & pork value chain

Ruurd Zijlstra, Eduardo Beltranema, Andrew Van Kessel (et al.)
Martin Lessard, Kees de Lange, Ron Ball (et al.)

Development of an innovative precision farming system for swine

Candido Pomar (et al.)

Efficacy of feed additives to mitigate the negative impacts of mycotoxin contaminated feed on performance and health of piglets

Frédéric Guay, Martin Lessard, Younès Chorfi (et al.) 

Mycotoxins content evaluations of corn hybrids adapted to Québec growth conditions

Gilles Tremblay and Sylvie Rioux (et al.) 

Animal Welfare

Sow housing: risk factors and assessment techniques for lameness, productivity and longevity in group and individually housed gestating sows

Laurie Connor and Nicolas Devillers (et al.) 

A study of the efficiency of water sprinkling in the truck after loading and prior to unloading at two different environmental temperatures on core body temperature and carcass and meat quality in pigs

Luigi Faucitano (et al.) 

A comparison of three animal welfare assessment programs on Canadian swine farms 

Tina Widowski and Penny Lawlis (et al.) 

Use of non-penetrating captive bolt for euthanasia of neonate, suckling and weaned piglets up to 9 kg 

Tina Widowski and Suzanne Millman (et al.) 

Animal Health

The use of tools related to molecular characterization, systemic analysis of stakeholders and geomatics for identification of the principal vectors and contamination sources by bacteria and viral indicators at farm and slaughterhouse level

Ann Letellier (et al.) 


Evaluation and development of standards for swine production systems

Lee Whittington and Bernardo Predicala (et al.) 

Development of an innovative air cleaning system for swine buildings

Stéphane Lemay (et al.) 

Pork Quality and Genomics

Capturing genetic merit in differentiated pork production systems through genomics

George Foxcroft (et al.) 

Development of new genomic tools to improve meat quality traits and production efficiency in pigs 

Brian Sullivan (et al.)