Animal Nutrition
Research and Development Projects
Denise Beaulieu,  Vahab Farzan, Robert Friendship, Frédéric Guay, Kees de Lange, Julang Li, Niel Karrow, J. Jacques Matte, Martin Nyachoti, Jim Squires, Andrew Van Kessel, Ruurd Zijlstra (et al.)
Denise Beaulieu and Chantal Farmer (et al.)
Denise Beaulieu, Eduardo Beltranena, François Dubeau,  Vahab Farzan, Robert Friendship, Frédéric Guay, Kees de Lange, Marie-Pierre Létourneau-Montminy, Julang Li, Ira Mandell, Martin Nyachoti, Candido Pomar, James Squires, Ruurd Zijlstra (et al.)

Chantal Farmer (et al.) 

Novel swine feeding programs to enhance competitiveness and pork differentiation: The Canadian feed & pork value chain
Ruurd Zijlstra, Eduardo Beltranema, Andrew Van Kessel (et al.)

Novel nutritional strategies for optimum sow and piglet productivity
Martin Lessard, Kees de Lange, Ron Ball (et al.)
Development of an innovative precision farming system for swine
Candido Pomar (et al.)
Efficacy of feed additives to mitigate the negative impacts of mycotoxin contaminated feed on performance and health of piglets
Frédéric Guay, Martin Lessard, Younès Chorfi (et al.) 
Mycotoxins contents evaluations of corn hybrids adapted to Québec growth conditions 
Gilles Tremblay and Sylvie Rioux (et al.)