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Carnosine: What is it and what are the benefits?
 Posted October 08, 2020

This one-hour webinar will feature two presentations:

  • "Better pork quality and shelf life: What is the link with muscle carnosine?"  
    Presented by Marie-France Palin, Research Scientist, Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre (AAFC)                                                           
  • "Health Benefits of dietary carnosine" 
    Presented by Claude Gari
    épy, Meat Quality Scientist, Saint-Hyacinthe Research  and Development Centre (AAFC)
Participation is free! Please register to save your spot:   

REGISTER FOR ENGLISH WEBINAR: December 8, 2020 at 1:30 pm EST

REGISTER FOR FRENCH WEBINAR: December 8, 2020 at 10:30 am EST


Special thanks to the guest speakers who have volunteered their time and expertise to make this webinar possible. 

This webinar is part of the Swine Cluster 3 research program, which is led by Swine Innovation Porc and funded by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, provincial pork producer organizations and industry partners.  

Research Priorities for African Swine Fever
Posted May 20, 2020

Over the past year, Swine Innovation Porc has acted as coordinator for a working group of swine health experts in Canada and the United States who performed an analysis of research priorities related to ASF.

Click here to learn more about the priorities and the working group.
Videos now available! Swine Gut Health Session
Posted January 29, 2020

These presentations were filmed on January 7, 2020 during our swine health session that took place in Banff, Alberta: What is the microbiome anyway? Gut health and how it impacts pig production.

Click on the links to view the videos:

    Special pig health session this January in Banff:
    What is the microbiome anyway? Gut health and how it impacts
    pig production

    Updated January 29, 2020
    Swine Innovation Porc is once again hosting a special health session before the 2020 Banff Pork Seminar. This year’s session will focus on pig gut health, the microbiome and how this affects your pigs. We hope you can join us this year to learn more about this exciting and promising area of research. 

    Date:                               Tuesday, January 7, 2020
    Time:                               2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    Location:                        Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Banff, Alberta) - Alhambra Room
    Program & speakers:    Click here or on the image below to see the program and speaker information 

    Poster Session at the 2019 Pork Show
    Posted July 3, 2019
    Swine Innovation Porc invites researchers and students involved in Swine Cluster 2 or 3 research projects to submit abstracts for a poster session that will take place at the Pork Show in Quebec City on December 10-11, 2019.
    Click here for more details…
    Hog industry applauds new investment in research 
    Joint press release by Swine Innovation Porc and the Canadian Pork Council
    Posted June 26, 2018 

    Over the next 5 years, up to $18.5 million dollars will be invested by the federal government and industry partners in research to further the development of the Canadian pork industry. Swine Innovation Porc and the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) welcomed Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (AAFC), Lawrence MacAulay’s announcement this morning, highlighting that up to $12.7 million will be invested by the federal government. Swine Innovation Porc and its partners will also contribute $5.8 million, making a total investment of up to $18.5 million in research over a five-year period.

    “The Canadian swine sector will benefit enormously from this investment,” stated Stewart Cressman, Chair of Swine Innovation Porc, who was on hand for the announcement in Sherbrooke, Québec this morning. “We want to thank Minister MacAulay for this significant investment, which shows AAFC’s commitment to support industry-led research. We are confident that the outcomes from program’s research projects will help increase the competitiveness of the Canadian pork industry in terms of animal welfare, the environment, as well as animal health and nutrition.”

    CPC 2nd Vice-Chair René Roy was also present for the announcement. Mr. Roy highlights the need for ongoing research in the swine industry so that producers can continue to innovate and produce high quality pork for domestic and international markets: “Producers rely on science-based research to guide the innovations that help the industry grow. This funding is essential so that the Canadian pork industry can continue to compete with other important producers in the world, such as the United States and the European Union, and set the standard for wholesome pork.”

    This funding contribution is part of the AAFC’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership, AgriScience Program - Clusters. It encourages research and innovation to take place to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the agricultural sector. Swine Innovation Porc will use this investment to implement its national knowledge transfer and research and development strategies under the program title of “Swine Cluster 3 – Innovating for a Stronger Pork Sector.” The goal of this program is to accelerate the pace of innovation, drive sustainable growth, strengthen competitiveness, and maximize the resilience of the sector. 

    The up to $18.5 million Swine Cluster 3 program will be the third such program led by Swine Innovation Porc. “Swine Innovation Porc has proven its ability to drive national research programs,” notes Stewart Cressman. “We are ready to officially launch this new program so researchers can begin working on ways to help the industry be even stronger.”

    Since 2010, the objectives of research funded through the Swine Cluster program have focussed on reducing the cost of production, increasing product differentiation and enhancing knowledge transfer. The total investment over 8 years amounts to $31.7 million and has resulted in the completion of 35 different projects and over 1000 communication activities. 

    For more information, click here to read AAFC's official press release.

    The Canadian Pork Council is the national voice for hog producers in Canada. A federation of nine provincial pork industry associations representing 7,000 farms, the organization plays a leadership role in achieving and maintaining a dynamic and prosperous Canadian pork sector.

    Swine Innovation Porc facilitates research and development in the Canadian swine sector. We target and support research that will increase the industry’s overall profitability and sustainability
    Click here to download this press release.

    Media Contact:
    Céline Bourbonnais
    Manager, Communications
    Canadian Pork Council
    Cell: 613 296-3619

    Abida Ouyed
    Acting General Manager
    Swine Innovation Porc
    418 650-2440 ext.4318

    Innovation and facilitation at the 2017 Banff Pork Seminar

    Posted January 18, 2017

    Swine Innovation Porc was once again very present as a proud supporter of the 2017 Banff Pork Seminar. Here are some highlights of our involvement in last week's proceedings:

         - Swine Innovation Porc’s Chair Stewart Cressman moderated the Day 1 plenary session on sustainable animal production.

         - 9 out of 33 posters presented during the poster session were from Swine Cluster 2 projects

         - Three Swine Cluster 2 researchers and collaborators gave breakout session presentations on their projects:

                             Luigi Faucitano, AAFC Sherbrooke Research & Development Centre

                             Mark Fynn, Manitoba Pork

                             Martin Nyachoti, University of Manitoba

          - The Swine Innovation Porc team was also available to meet participants at our kiosk in the exhibit area.

    Facilitating research that will make the industry more competitive and sustainable is our primary objective. Therefore, supporting important events such as the Banff Pork Seminar helps us to get research results out to the end users within the pork value chain.

    First prize won by graduate student involved in Swine Cluster 2 

    A graduate student from Laval University placed first in a young scientist competition during last week’s Banff Pork Seminar. 

    Jean-Phillipe Martineau presented a poster on a gilt nutrition project that is partially included in our five-year Swine Cluster 2 research program (click here to read more about the project). 

    The R.O. Ball Young Scientist Award is handed to graduate students who present the most interesting and best science in their posters. Congratulations Jean-Phillipe on your hard work! 

    Student contest prize winner Jean-Phillipe Martineau (centre) along with Stewart Cressman (Chair of Swine Innovation Porc, left) and Normand Martineau (Vice-Chair Normand Martineau, right). 
    Swine Innovation Porc's kiosk in Banff. 

    Additional $2.4 million for swine related research

    Posted January 13, 2017

    The Canadian pork industry will see an additional investment of $2.4 million in research as part of the current 2013-2018 research program Swine Cluster 2. 

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced earlier this week that it would provide $1.8 million to this program, where the swine industry would contribute an additional $600,000. This program focuses on helping industry be more competitive and sustainable as well as to drive the innovation needed for its overall long-term growth.

    This investment will extend activities already ongoing within Swine Cluster 2. Stewart Cressman, Chair of Swine Innovation Porc, stated: “Our organization has been working hard to increase the level of funding towards research, specifically research that will result in tangible benefits for the industry. This 14% extension of funding will further the objectives of Swine Cluster 2, which is now a $19.7 million program made possible through contributions from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, industry partners and eight provincial pork organizations. This multidisciplinary and multi-institutional program includes research in nutrition, welfare, health, meat quality, new technologies as well as activities related to on-farm demonstration.” 

    This on-farm demonstration component is an initiative that will enhance Swine Innovation Porc’s ability to bring new knowledge to the end users. The Centre de development du porc du Québec and Prairie Swine Centre will collaborate with Swine Innovation Porc, ensuring a Canada-wide delivery of on-farm demonstration activities. 

    Swine Innovation Porc, a non-profit corporation, is committed to provide national leadership in coordinating and facilitating research, knowledge transfer and commercialization initiatives to enhance the competitiveness of the Canadian swine industry. 

    Please click here to read Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s news release.

    Swine Innovation Porc supports creation of a Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency

    Posted February 25, 2016 

    Representatives of Swine Innovation Porc attended a public hearing on February 16, 2016 in Montreal to support the creation of the Canadian Pork Promotion and Research Agency. This hearing was the result of a request from the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) to the Farm Products Council of Canada to establish the agency. According to CPC’s proposition, this new office would: 

    • Promote the consumption of pork products in the domestic  (Canadian) market
    • Further the development of export markets for Canadian pork
    • Support the conduct of scientific-technical and market research initiatives

    The agency would manage funding generated by a proposed new levy on imported pork.  This initiative would therefore bring new investment dollars in a uniform and stable manner for both marketing and research. Swine Innovation Porc fully supports this initiative and, as the go-to research organization in Canada, would ensure that the funding portion dedicated to research is used to leverage other sources of funding to support scientific and technical studies. 

    The objective of our current research and development portfolio is to optimize pig performance and welfare, raise environmental sustainability, enhance food safety and drive the discovery of novel technologies for the sector. We also have a process in place for revising research priorities for the swine sector in order to adapt to short, medium and long term needs. The creation of the Promotion and Research Agency would help further Swine Innovation Porc’s ability to adapt for the benefit of the entire pork value chain.

    Please click here to view the documents submitted to the Farm Products Council for the public hearing.

    Swine Innovation Porc is pleased to announce that BC Pork has joined seven other provinical pork organizations in signing a Memorandum of Understanding agreement. This agreement represents a financial commitment of 2.5 cents per market hog that will be invested in supporting, among others, research activities withing the research program Swine Cluster 2: Driving Results through Innovation, 2013-2018. 

    Read press release

    Provincial pork producer associations come together to fund national research program

    Posted January 19, 2015

    Swine Innovation Porc is pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by seven provincial pork associations across Canada. This MOU represents a financial commitment of $2.5 million for Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) that will support activities within the research program Swine Cluster 2: Driving Results through Innovation, 2013-2018.

    Read press release

    Swine Research Cluster receives $13 million for industry research priorities
    Posted May 30, 2014 

    The Canadian pork industry welcomed today’s news of $13 million in funding for the Swine Innovation Porc (SIP) Science Cluster under Growing Forward 2.  The investment will support strategic research to enhance competitiveness, drive innovation, and promote the long-term growth and sustainability of the Canadian swine industry. 

    Read press release

     Swine Innovation Porc's research priorities for 2013-2018
    Posted August 16, 2012  

    Our organisation is currently putting together the five year Swine Cluster II research program covering the period of 2013-2018.

    We have recently launched a call for proposals that will allow the research community to submit innovative and integrated projects that will be relevant and beneficial to the pork industry and in line with our research priorities.

    Throughout this process, the objective of Swine Innovation Porc is to bring researchers, private contributors and producer-led provincial organizations to work together to improve the overall contribution to innovation for the benefit of the pork value chain partners.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Swine Innovation Porc, you invite you to read the doucment below concerning our six key priorities. These priorities are the outcome of extensive consultations along with the information that came out of workshops with producers and researchers to establish a national list of research priorities that would have a significant impact on Canada’s swine industry.

    Swine Innovation Porc's Research Priorities for 2013-2018