What is Swine Innovation Porc?

Our organization facilitates research and development in the Canadian swine sector. We target and support research that will increase the industry’s overall profitability and sustainability. 

Our main roles:

  • Determine national research priorities
  • Develop multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary R&D programs
  • Act as coordinator for the research community and industry partners
  • Deliver timely and effective knowledge transfer programs
  • Encourage the development of highly qualified professionals as well as research skills 
  • Leverage producer dollars

Our Vision

Swine Innovation Porc increases Canadian swine industry competiveness through a national R&D structure.

Our Mission

Swine Innovation Porc is committed to provide national leadership in co-ordinating and facilitating research, knowledge transfer and commercial-ization initiatives to enhance the com-petitiveness of the Canadian swine industry. 
Member Organizations
The Canadian Pork Council and the following eight provincial pork organizations are members of Swine Innovation Porc : 
Our Research Activities

Since 2010, Swine Innovation Porc has supported 34 projects through two research programs. Visit the Research section of our website to learn more about these projects or follow these links to learn more about the programs: 

Knowledge Transfer

An essential element of a successful R&D portfolio is ensuring that new knowledge reaches the end users. To do this, we have developed partnerships in Eastern and Western Canada to deliver research results to producers and other industry stakeholders through on farm demonstration and lead user activities. Visit the For Producers  section of our website to learn more about these activities.