Research Programs

Swine Innovation Porc is funded by the federal government, eight provincial pork organizations as well as multiple private partners within the pork industry. 

Our primary activities are made possible through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) AgriInnovation Program, which has allowed Swine Innovation Pork to launch two research programs to date: Swine Cluster 1 and Swine Cluster 2.

Swine Cluster 3 (2018-2023)

Swine Cluster 3 is the third Canada-wide research and knowledge transfer program that Swine Innovation Porc has built since 2010. This program is designed to accelerate the pace of innovation, drive sustainable growth, strengthen competitiveness, and maximize the resilience of the swine sector.

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Swine Cluster 2 (2013-2018)

This program iincluded 20 research projects and one on-farm demonstration activity that focused on: 
1) Reducing production and feed input costs  
2) Increasing product attributes and prices
3) Enhancing adaptability and sustainability of the swine sector

This program represented a $19.7 million investment in research and development for the Canadian swine sector.  AAFC contributed $14.8 million and $4.9 million was provided by Canadian pork producers and industry partners across Canada and around the world. 

Allocation of Funding

Swine Cluster 1 (2010-2013)

The first cluster program focused on reducing the cost of production, increasing product differentiation and technology transfer initiatives. There were 14 research projects and one knowledge transfer activity completed during this program. 

This was a $11.7 million program, with contributions from the following entities: 
  • $9.5 million from AAFC 
  • $1.7 million from industry partners
  • $500,000 from other governmental sources
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Financial Partners

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Other Activities

Swine Innovation Porc Swine Innovation Porc has also been involved in other research activities. For example, the Lead User Project in 2012-2013 was funded in part through Industry Councils from Saskatchewan, Québec, Ontario and Alberta who deliver the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP) on behalf of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. To learn more about the program, refer to the For Producers section to learn about the activities. The project's report may be found here

We look forward to expanding our activities in the near future.